Web Camera Pro
Version 6.95
Freeware (for MS Windows 10)

Video Surveillance Software turns your computer into a powerful video-security system, allowing you to monitor home or business remotely
Web Camera Cloud - Cloud video surveillance (webcams) over the Internet.
Web Camera Pro is a fast and easy to use
IP Video Management System
Video surveillance software designed to manage, record and monitor IP video cameras and react to critical events in real time
Remote Access
Monitor your home, office, or wherever you want using P2P technologies. Video streams from your cameras are not transmitted to any third party cloud servers.
Stay relaxed when you need to go to work or on a travel. You can watch over your house, anytime and anywhere. Check the monitored area by simply connnecting to the internet.
Video recording
Intelligent motion detector with unique high-end 24/7 video buffering technology makes Web Camera Pro to react only if needed. The app real-time detects objects and people using artificial intelligence with face recognition option. Use time-lapse (one frame per second) mode with good compression (h264) to save disc space and equipment costs.
Home Security and Business Protection
Protect your business, your home and your family. Keep an eye on the ones you love the most, always. Make sure your babysitter is not neglecting your kids. Real-time face detection and recognition using artificial intelligence. Change the concept from simple video capture to smart video surveillance.
Easy setup
From one click installation to huge number of possibilities. Cutting-edge video technologies with easy-to-use multi-monitor and multi-tiled drag-and-drop interface. Connect to any USB and IP cameras automatically.
No dedicated ip address or router setting required. Convenient viewing of the video archive.
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